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Tire Large


Modelling large tire for novelty cakes can be a bit of a challenge but now you can make them quickly and easily with this silicone mold from England that allow you to produce detailed, edible wheels in record time – perfect for trucks, tractors, and more. Approximate tire dimension (diameter x depth) is 1.7 inches x 0.9 inches (43mm x 23mm).

To use, simply push modelling paste into the mould, flex the mould to release the shape and finish it with Squires Kitchen food colours. A great way to release the paste easily from the mould is to rub a little white vegetable fat into the cavity first. Squires Kitchen’s Great Impressions moulds and veiners are made from flexible silicone rubber suitable for food use and can be used with many modelling mediums including Sugar Dough, sugarpaste, Sugar Florist Paste, Cocoform modelling chocolate, boiled sugar, butter, cold porcelain and much more.

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